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A must-try at Trattoria Il Pozzo di Montalcino, is our specialty: chargrilled Fiorentina steak.
An authentic expression of traditional Tuscan cuisine, our trattoria welcomes you with different dishes according to season, all from the local area, almost zero food miles.
For our homemade cuisine, everything begins with the choice of local fresh ingredients.
Come and discover our homemade pasta and many tradtional entrées accompanied by the most famous local wines such as: Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino.

Starters using typical
local produce

Our restaurant offers you the best in starters using flavours from the Tuscan gastronomic tradition. Discover the scent and freshness of our local cheeses, envied throughout our beautiful country for their goodness and peculiarity. Our carefully selected specialties include: salami from Poggio Stenti in Montenero D'Orcia, 5 km away. The various sheep and cow's milk cheeses come from Fior di Montalcino. Finally we offer Tuscan croutons with chicken livers, a true culinary delight among st the trattoria's appetizers.

Homemade Pasta

We take delight in tantalising your palate with using freshness and quality every day. We only offer you the best fresh pasta, kneaded directly by us served with the most genuine Tuscan sauces. Try our 'pinci' with breadcrumbs of another surefire hit, Maremma tortelli filled with ricotta and spinach and seasoned with either ragu or butter and sage.
Do not miss our pappardelle with wild boar, or with seasonal vegetables. 
Finally, try our special soups: 'zuppa di pane' is a classic, using only stock reserved for special occasions, while our onion soup is a real treat.

Second Courses

Come and enjoy the best Montalcino steak! We only offer you the most select local meat, farmed and butchered by Carlo Pieri of Poggio Stenti in Montenero D'Orcia, just 5 km from the restaurant. All our 'secondi' offer the best local tradition: classic sauces, wild boar 'alla cacciatora', chicken on skewers, veal in Brunello, pork loin, and liver with wild fennel. For a true delicacy, using our charcoal grill, we offer you Florentine steaks, veal chops, beef fillet, ribs and pork sausages in all their flavour and aroma.

Seasonal Vegetables

We want to offer you genuine, fresh and healthy cuisine. That's why the vegetables we use are fresh in season. At our restaurant, you will be assured of enjoying our vegetables, whether prepared simply or more elaborately, every time slightly differently, unique and unmistakeable in flavour.

Homemade Desserts

The desserts we offer range from jam tart through sponge cake to the timeless tiramisù. The jewel among our desserts is our ricotta mousse, a real classic specialty of Pozzo Trattoria, which has always been appreciated by our guests. We look forward to helping you choose from our fresh and seasonal sweets. 

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